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Pensions and divorce – looking beyond the settlement

The splitting of pension assets on divorce is complex but with careful planning, it’s possible to identify outcomes that will stand the test of time, for both parties.

Here we look at the main tax implications of pensions (the Lifetime Allowance, Pension Protection and the Annual Allowance) and where the opportunities, and problems, arise both during and after divorce.

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Rough around the hedges

They say it’s wise to not put all your eggs in one basket. For investors, that often means looking for opportunities abroad. But when it comes to investing overseas, good performance is not just about how well the underlying companies or bonds perform. Foreign exchange rates can significantly impact returns – in either direction.

We explore how this mechanism works and what can be done to mitigate the impact of currency fluctuations on portfolios.

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Mark’s Story

"I was part of a management buyout and when the sale happened, my financial position changed substantially. So, I wanted to appoint a wealth manager that could help me and my family plan our future."

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Pension Annual Allowance

The 6th April will re-set the clock on the annual pension contribution allowance. It’s therefore the time of year to work out what additional income tax relief may still be available from pension contributions. Relief at higher rates of income tax can be significant. But those on higher earnings are subject to a tapering of their Annual Allowance. It’s not a straightforward calculation, with plenty of blind spots which could lead to penalties on excess contributions.

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Tax efficient life cover for business owners and high earners

Most businesses offer death in service benefits as part of their overall remuneration package. What can often be overlooked is that these schemes are usually set up on a similar basis to a registered pension scheme and could result in additional tax charges of up to 55% in the event of a claim.

Here we highlight how a relevant life policy could be an effective alternative to group life assurance cover.

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Helen’s Story

"I was coming towards the end of my divorce and I needed someone to help manage the settlement sensibly. It was a very turbulent stage of my life where I was having to make huge decisions."

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Life assurance – the guaranteed way to cover UK inheritance tax liabilities

Life assurance has proved to be a dependable and non-controversial way to fund future UK inheritance tax liabilities. Can it be as simple as getting through the medical and paying the premiums?

This briefing note looks at the advantages and disadvantages of life assurance and how it can be used to help mitigate UK inheritance tax.

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Trade war, what is it good for?

It has been hard to miss the term “trade war” over the last year or so. It has featured regularly in the headlines to describe the ongoing dispute between the US and China. Wars sound ominous, so should we be worried?

We explain why the two nations are now arguing over trade, what the impact might be, and the significance of a 200 year-old history lesson from Thomas Jefferson.

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Karen’s Story

"I found myself responsible for the family business. After a couple of years, the levels of profitability in the business had significantly increased. That is when we turned to Edison."

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