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Money can bring opportunities, choices and independence, but we know it can also bring concerns, conflicts and responsibilities. And it always brings questions.

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Whilst we can’t predict the future, we can show you how the choices you make now could change it. And however you’d like the future to look, we can help you get there with as little risk and as little fuss as possible.

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In our library you will find a series of insights pieces on Financial Planning and Investment Management, as well as what our services have meant to our Clients.

This time, it’s about the destination

2020-01-09T17:03:51+00:00The prospect of winning or losing can have a great impact on our emotions. Whether we’re looking at casinos or coin flips, evidence suggests our rational decision-making is frequently overtaken by intuition – a process much more open to emotional influence. For investors, the possibility of gains and losses is often a daily occurrence. We explain one method to steer investors on the more rational path to help achieve both financial and emotional well being.|

Pension Annual Allowance

2020-01-08T14:09:25+00:00The 6th April will re-set the clock on the annual pension contribution allowance. It’s therefore the time of year to work out what additional income tax relief may still be available from pension contributions. Relief at higher rates of income tax can be significant. But those on higher earnings are subject to a tapering of their Annual Allowance. It’s not a straightforward calculation, with plenty of blind spots which could lead to penalties on excess contributions. |

Karen’s Story

2020-01-08T14:48:10+00:00"I found myself responsible for the family business. After a couple of years, the levels of profitability in the business had significantly increased. That is when we turned to Edison." |

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