Karen’s Story

Introduction to Karen

Karen found herself responsible for the family business when her father passed away. That original steep learning curve brought with it challenges and some big decisions but under her stewardship the business has grown from strength to strength. Edison has been with Karen every step of the way as trusted adviser both to the business and Karen personally. Karen is now at the stage where, having invested so much in her work, she is planning how to make the most of her future.


“They provide a service that goes beyond investments, money and tax; it’s about advising the whole family and their business interests too.”


Karen’s Story

“When my father died I found myself responsible for the family business. After a couple of years, the levels of profitability in the business had significantly increased and we were accumulating substantial amounts of money in the company. That is when we turned to Edison. They listened and fully understood the situation we were in, both at the time and in anticipation of the future.

The service that we get from Edison is very personal, very responsive and always exactly what we need. I wouldn’t describe them as a typical wealth management company at all, they are much more than that. They provide a service that goes beyond investments, money and tax; it’s about advising the whole family and their business interests too.

For example, there may be financial decisions made in my business that potentially impact on my family. It’s really important for me to have Edison there just to nudge me and say, “Well, don’t forget if you do that, then this could affect you here.”. If they weren’t involved on both sides, I wouldn’t have that view.

That’s the point; it isn’t about having Edison do just what I could have done myself but didn’t have the time to do. It’s more about the ‘advice wrap’ if you like, which is the critical value add for me.

And Edison look at things not just in the next year or two, but at the next ten plus years. That’s why the way Edison works is such a good fit for both a business owner and anybody that takes a longer-term view.

Another big benefit of being a client of Edison has been introductions to other like-minded professionals, such as a great accountant with a similar approach to client care.

So, their advice doesn’t just focus on tax, but more about ‘optimising’ the outcome for my family and business, of which tax is only one aspect. But what’s vital is to have Edison there to work around the ideas that have come out of conversations with those accountants.

For the business, Edison are a ‘safe pair of hands’ but for my family, it’s much more than that. It’s security. I trust Edison to always help me make good decisions. I don’t have to question the advice, or their motivation for giving it. They save me time, both at work and at home. And it is so refreshing to deal with a firm that takes responsibility. They always do what they say they’ll do – and just get things done.

In terms of ways to describe Edison, I’d say; professional, engaging, approachable, plain speaking, friendly, knowledgeable, responsive.

Of course, it used to be different before Edison were involved. For a start, I didn’t have as much money and probably didn’t have the need.

But now, I don’t think I could manage without them.”


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