What is trustee consulting?

We bring together experts in investment management, tax and financial planning to analyse how decisions made today could impact the trust’s future – giving trustees the ability to make informed decisions, confidently.

How can it help?

The real aims of a trust are rarely as simple as ‘income’ or ‘growth’. Instead, trustees are often faced with supporting inflation-linked distributions or the complexity of conflicting short and longer term objectives.

Our expertise in investment, tax and financial modelling means that we can demonstrate the effects of investment risk, taxation and distributions on each of the trust’s objectives.

And with our crystal clear reporting, we can illustrate which mix of assets and tax environments will provide the best chance of meeting the trust’s objectives and what level of distributions are sustainable.

What does the service include?

  • Review of objectives, capital and income needs
  • Review of existing portfolios and tax wrappers such as offshore bonds
  • Review of investment policy and mandate
  • Cashflow modelling and ‘what if’ analysis
  • Advice on setting appropriate benchmarks
  • Advice on asset allocation to meet specific risk and return targets
  • Capital Gains Tax advice
  • Regular review of progress towards objectives
  • Direct access to our financial planners
  • Industry news, alerts and updates

Our approach