Introduction to Helen

Helen is a mum of three and lives in West London.  We helped Helen through her divorce, making sense of the financial implications for her and her children. When the dust has settled we advised her on investments that would go towards achieving the level of security she needs.

“I feel really safe and that frees me up to enjoy other aspects of my life.”

Helen’s Story

“I was coming towards the end of my divorce and I needed someone to help manage the settlement sensibly. It was a very turbulent stage in my life where I was having to make huge decisions and not just about finances.  Suddenly, I was completely responsible for my own finances which, although exciting, was also nerve-racking.

I needed somebody really solid who would make me feel comfortable and involved (as much as I wanted to be, of course). I didn’t want someone who would over-promise either. I wanted reassurance that I was going to be able to live independently and not rely on anybody else and I needed to really trust the answers that were being given.

I have always felt an affinity with everybody I have met at Edison. They have a variety of people in the office from different backgrounds with none of the pinstripes and complicated jargon that I’d typically associate with wealth management.

Edison are unfailingly responsive, but also relaxed and full of helpful, unhurried explanations when I have questions. Everyone’s just quite calm and no one’s overly effusive, ever. It’s really important to me that I get a sense that I’m being connected with on a genuine level.  I’d say they’re unaffected, sensible people who care about their clients above and beyond what you’d expect. They don’t advertise that at the start, it’s just that those qualities of Edison reveal themselves as you get further into the relationship.

I suppose I don’t really think about the money very much now because I know Edison are looking after it.

I feel really safe and that frees me up to enjoy other aspects of my life.

They are a big pillar of support and I think that’s one of the qualities that makes Edison such a unique firm.”


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